EU Sales Manager

As the critical point of contact between Kingfish Zeeland and our discerning valued customers, you will need to embody and represent the cutting-edge and sustainable character of our quality driven and innovative company; as you maintain and develop close and productive working relations with a select group of premium seafood suppliers and clients in the EU.

Backed by a top tier marketing team, you will be supported with creative sales material and innovative initiatives at target markets, and would provide close support and attention to our distribution partners and their high-end chefs and retail/foodservice buyers.

Primary responsibilities to include:

  • Development and maintenance of a positive and productive working relationship with premium seafood suppliers/buyers/distributors across the EU, serving the high-end restaurant, retail and food service markets.
  • Maintain a macro view of industry trends, threats and opportunities
  • Sales terms contract negotiations
  • Order coordination with farm operations
  • Coordinate and oversee marketing initiatives at target markets
  • Position to work closely with and report directly to CEO

Required Skills:

  • Excellent communication skills [English a must, additional EU languages a plus]
  • Strong inter personal relations capability
  • Ability to multitask between sales to marketing execution functions
  • Business understanding of reasoning for sales terms
  • Personal network with buyers in the EU premium food segment a plus


  • Based in the EU (and if not in the Netherlands would visit the farm frequently). Able to travel often to target markets.

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